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Create Sheet Directly in Public Sheets


Create Sheet Directly in Public Sheets

A user should be able to create a sheet directly within Public Sheets section by default rather than having to create a "My Sheets" and then publish the sheet.  Particularly in Qlik Cloud environment we find that there are many apps shared with others but they are blank with no sheets because the user that created them created sheets in "My Sheets" section and then never shared/published.

The requirement to unpublish and then publish in order to make changes to a public sheet is a hassle as well.  The ability to allow direct updates to public sheets should be investigated as an option with more extensive workflow and restrictions with publish/unpublish as an optional approach.

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Hi @pleddy and thanks for sharing your idea / comment with us. What you are describing is a well known area which we need to improve. And exactly what you are saying is what we have on our roadmap. Allowing App developers within a Shared Space to create Sheets directly within the Public section and instead of making a Sheet private first, check it out to edit it while the Sheet still stays within public. When you are done with editing it, the sheet will be unlocked again and other developers can edit it as well. Same is actually planned for the Script instead of having only the App owner being able to change the script.

Let me know if you want to talk more in detail.


Status changed to: Open - On Roadmap