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Deliver Features on SAAS and Client-Managed in same time


Deliver Features on SAAS and Client-Managed in same time

Hello all,

First of all, I have understood the Qlik strategy to focus on Cloud. But the way I understood it at first glance is that this focus would be on cloud-relative features, not on general Viz/Scripting/UI/Collaboration features.

As of today, we have two very different products as Qlik Sense SAAS and Qlik Sense on Windows Server. As an example :
Collaborative notes : https://community.qlik.com/t5/Qlik-Product-Innovation-Blog/Add-context-and-drive-discussion-with-Col...

The relative idea is also noted as delivered, which is only partially true

Why does it matter ?
-it becomes harder to follow the new releases.
-it's very frustating to see Qlik developed very nice features but we cannot use it.
-the training of Qlik users become more and more confused.
-I'm pretty sure it leads to complexity in product development.
-this is the opposite strategy of what others competitors do.
-I'm not even sure the differences are well documented.

For me, both products should share like 95% in common.

Bi Consultant (Dataviz & Dataprep) @ Business & Decision
Master III
Master III

100% agree. I understand there might be a bit of a time lag due to the frequency of releases, but for the most part features should ideally be added to the client-managed version in the next scheduled release or at worst the one after that, unless there's a good reason not to.


I wouldn't hold your breath on this one and not even sure I'd want this. Qlik are whole-heartedly focussing their innovation efforts on the SaaS platform - and delivering really good results through it. There are technologies and infrastructure that would be massively time-consuming to redevelop/adapt for the dwindling number of purely on-prem deployments. 

I do feel for those trapped in the on-prem world - just as I do for those still constrained to QlikView - but I can see why Qlik invest their time, money and energy into moving the core platform (now Qlik SaaS) forward rather than putting that into current or soon-to-be legacy products, frustrating as that may be for those unable to use the new stuff.

It's great that they're still offering 4 updates a year to the on-prem offering that keeps some aspects aligned with SaaS - although I imagine that won't last forever. 


Hello @AlexOmetis 

I perfectly understand why, it's just that I don't think it's a sufficient reason as of today given the drawbacks I mentioned.  😉  I don't know how the things are going in your area but in France, it will be slow at least for BI Tools (security reasons mainly) and I'm pretty afraid Qlik will loose customers if they don't also invest on on-premise solutions. Way too soon. Most of my customers are on-premised and won't move to cloud until several years.

Best regards,



@simonaubert  Thanks to you and the others for their feedback. While I don’t disagree it would be ideal to deliver all capabilities across both on-premises and SaaS platforms, that is not technically or fiscally feasible. Delivering all capabilities across both on-premises and SaaS would significantly slow down our rate of innovation and delivering new capabilities. The underlying architecture of our Qlik SaaS platform (modern, microservice based) is very different from Qlik Sense on Windows. While some capabilities are highly transferrable, i.e., visualizations, some authoring features, specific engine capabilities, some are not highly transferable as they were built on the modern SaaS architecture.

We are focused on where we see the market going, and that is to the cloud. We continue to enable that journey to cloud via hybrid approaches. With that said, we have many customers leveraging our on-premises Qlik Sense capabilities and to that end we continue with our quarterly releases containing many new capabilities, however not containing all the new innovations delivered on the Qlik Sense SaaS platform.

I encourage everyone to stay on top of all the great value we are delivering across both our on-premises and SaaS solutions via the publicly available Qlik Product Innovation and Direction page along with attending the quarterly Product Portfolio Strategy and Roadmap sessions.