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Enable API control of common Qlik Replicate processes

Contributor II
Contributor II

Enable API control of common Qlik Replicate processes

We have around 240 endpoints, around 200 tasks and 3600 tables to replicate via Qlik.
This cannot be set up manually as it would be too time consuming and prone to error.

We would like an API call for each of these actions:-

1. Create endpoint
2. Create task - including global rules and table transformations
3. Add a table to a task
4. Remove a table from a task
5. Remove a task
6. Remove and endpoint

At the moment we are having to extract the task as a json file.
We then have to write a script to modify the json file.
Finally we have to import the json file.

This means custom coding, error checking, risk of problems.
We'd like a standard command via API to do each of these tasks.

Contributor II
Contributor II

There are API commands to Remove tasks and endpoints

We'd like end to end management.


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Explorer II
Explorer II
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