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Enable the ability to transform CLOB / BLOB fields in Replicate

Creator II
Creator II

Enable the ability to transform CLOB / BLOB fields in Replicate

We encountered a limitation with Oracle source endpoint where we cannot execute transformations on CLOB / BLOB fields. 

We have a requirement where we have to encrypt / tokenize certain CLOB columns.


I would like to request a feature enhancement to allow transforming CLOB / BLOB columns in Replicate.

Former Employee
Former Employee

Thank you for the suggestion.  We will collect feedback from others here as well. 

Status changed to: Open - Collecting Feedback
Contributor II
Contributor II

We have a similar issue,
we would like to be able use a transformation to take a CLOB, and transform it into a VARCHAR(x) (nominally 4,000) and replicate it into Azure Synapse.


Hello @Prabodh , @John_Roberts  copy @Shelley_Brennan ,

I think I found a workaround for the LOB transformation, see the link below. The source is PostgreSQL however I think it works for other source endpoints as well, eg Oracle source etc.

Hope this helps.




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Explorer II
Explorer II
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