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Enforced MFA and/or Google SSO for Qlik Sense Business SaaS

Contributor III
Contributor III

Enforced MFA and/or Google SSO for Qlik Sense Business SaaS

When will you make it possible to enforce Multi-Factor Authentication for all users in my Qlik Sense account? The security governance of MFA is very weak if it is up to the individual business user to enable MFA on their account as an optional feature. Like all our other SaaS services we would require to have MFA enforced account-wide by the admin.

Alternatively if you would include standard SSO options like Google Workspace to the Qlik Sense Business SaaS to re-use their MFA that comes with the SSO. 


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Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

You should be able to make Google Workspace work with the "Generic" Identity Provider since it supports OpenID Connect: Signing in users with OIDC  |  Identity Platform Documentation ( I've not done it, but I know you could make Azure AD work before it was on the list - they're all pretty similar given it's a standard auth mechanism. 

It would be nice to be able to enforce MFA for Qlik accounts within the SaaS environment, but I can see how this would be complex since it's using Qlik's IdP so you'd have to effectively take control of - or at least apply some kind of policy to - a user's Qlik account to enforce that as far as I can tell.  I think the better approach is to integrate with your own IdP and enforce whatever security requirement you have. 


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