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Export subtotals in Qlik Sense for Windows, so that they can be used in NPrinting reports


Export subtotals in Qlik Sense for Windows, so that they can be used in NPrinting reports


NPrinting reports do not show the 'totals' row even though it is visible in the Qlik Sense table.

When a Qlik Sense table has a 'Totals' row at the bottom, and that table exported to Excel, the 'totals' row is not included.
This is a Qlik Sense limitation: if you take NPrinting out of the equation and purely attempt to export the table chart  using "Export Data" option on the source Qlik Sense table object, the subtotals are also not provided in the exported excel file.

This defect then 'cascades' to NPrinting.  When the table is added to a report, it is relying on Qlik Sense to export the table, and since Qlik Sense doesn't export the 'totals' row, then it is also absent from NPrinting.  This can appear to be an issue in NPrinting, but is actually just a reflection of the Qlik Sense defect.

So, the idea is to remove this limitation so that subtotals can be used in NPrinting reports.


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Daniele - Principal Technical Support Engineer & SaaS Support Coordinator at Qlik
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Thanks for raising this. I created support ticket 2 weeks back on this, I knew its the Qlik Export limitation but just wanted to know if its planned to be corrected.


While there is now a client side export w/ row totals available in Qlik Sense.  This will not trickle down to Qlik NPrinting.  

Status changed to: Closed - Declined