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Export total straight table to Excel

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Export total straight table to Excel

Hi Qlik,

With the export to Excel function Qlik doesn't export the column total with a straight tabel. With the export of a pivot table the total of a dimension is exported.

Maybe a good idea to export the column total of a straight table. My customers are creating now their own totals in Excel and cost time.


Martijn Wanders

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi @Patric_Nordstrom , good to read that. Is that available for mashups via API? 

Contributor II
Contributor II

I support above. It really is a must have.

Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Hello @Patric_Nordstrom 

When it will be available on SAAS version ?

I am surprised that the feature is only available on-prem.



Hi all, the process is different for on-prem and SaaS, and updates to the export function of SaaS fall under Qlik Reporting Services.

If this request is still relevant, please re-submit the SaaS-specific idea with the label "Qlik Sense SaaS" and the tag "Reporting Services" and we will get it sorted properly. Thank you!


Contributor III
Contributor III

The capability of exporting tables to Excel with the totals included is not a trivial but an essential one, in my view. I receive requests on this issue from thousands of users.

In fact, the current situation (i.e., exporting the table without the totals) is not even understandable from our users' perspective. Therefore, I strongly support the requests for this issue to be prioritised for further Qlik Sense developments.