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Get SSE header value available on On-premise S3 Connector as we have on the Saas

Contributor II
Contributor II

Get SSE header value available on On-premise S3 Connector as we have on the Saas


We tested the new Amazon S3 connector available on May 2022 release but it appears that the SSE header value available on the Saas version is missing and it is a very impactful functionality :



We would like to get the same parameters between the Saas and On-Premise as we pretend to use the same bucket by both environments.


André Ansaldi

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The value set for server-side-encryption (SSE) is only applicable when uploading data to S3. Therefore this is not available in Qlik Sense for Windows, as using the STORE statement is not supported there. There is an item in our backlog to add this support, but it is not targeted for the near future.

However, the Amazon S3 Connector in the Standalone Web Connectors can be used. The Upload ‘table’ in the connector in the standalone client allows for upload of files. This option also has support for SSE header value. Note that the files must be accessible from the server where the Standalone Web Connectors package is installed, and the FileSystemAccessAllowedPaths parameter must be set in the Web Connectors’ configuration file (see online documentation).


I hope this helps.

/P-O Davidson

Status changed to: Partially Delivered