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Group offline mode in mobile Qlik

Contributor II
Contributor II

Group offline mode in mobile Qlik


I've started using Qlik Sense mobile app (Android OS) several weeks ago and got to say that offline mode is a real killer-feature of QSM. The only discomfortable thing I faced with is a need to update manually offline cache of each Qlik app, which takes a significant time and taps for 5+ offline apps

There may be 2 solutions:

1. Big green button "Update all offline apps", which starts the appropriate process

2. Autoupdating option, which updates off-line cache in depend on the data upload date of online app



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We have added this idea to our roadmap. Thank you for your enthusiasm. Please be aware that our proprieties can change and that items on the roadmap are not commitments to deliver functionality.

Status changed to: Open - On Roadmap