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In-House Email Server in Qlik SaaS

Contributor II
Contributor II

In-House Email Server in Qlik SaaS


Hi there,

It would be great to have an in-house email server within Qlik SaaS.

Despite setting up Qlik SaaS in January 2023, we are encountering many issues, having to look into third party tools such as: MailChimp and Amazon SES to set this up. As there is no options for OAuth authentication, our internal IT team is reluctant to look into basic authentication as it is deprecated by Microsoft, which Qlik SaaS needs to also consider to look into different authentication processes here.

Here are some reasons why it would be beneficial to have an in-house email server SMTP server in Qlik SaaS:

  1. Data Security: By having an in-house email server, Qlik SaaS can have better control over data security. They can implement robust security measures, such as encryption, access controls, and regular backups, to protect sensitive information exchanged through emails. This reduces the risk of data breaches and unauthorised access.

  2. Privacy and Compliance: Hosting an email server in-house allows Qlik SaaS to adhere to specific privacy and compliance requirements more effectively. They can ensure that data is stored and managed in accordance with relevant regulations, such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), or industry-specific standards.

  3. Customisation and Integration: An in-house email server offers greater flexibility for customisation and integration with other systems. Qlik SaaS can tailor the email server to meet their specific business needs, integrate it with their existing infrastructure, and implement custom features or workflows. This level of control can enhance productivity and streamline communication processes.

  4. Performance and Reliability: With an in-house email server, Qlik SaaS can optimise performance and ensure reliable email delivery. They have full control over the server's hardware, network configuration, and software, allowing them to fine-tune performance parameters and monitor the server's health closely. This reduces the risk of email delays, downtime, or other performance issues.

  5. Reliance on Third Party Software: Instead of relying on third-party email service providers and paying recurring subscription fees, Qlik SaaS can leverage their own infrastructure to manage email communication, potentially resulting in cost savings over time for Qlik SaaS customers.

  6. Seamless Integration with Internal Systems: An in-house email server can be seamlessly integrated with other internal systems and applications used by Qlik SaaS. For example, we can integrate email data with their customer relationship management (CRM) system, help desk software, or analytics platforms. This integration allows for better data synchronisation and workflow automation, leading to improved efficiency and customer experience.

  7. Flexibility and Scalability: With an in-house email server, Qlik SaaS has the flexibility to scale their email infrastructure based on their evolving needs. As their user base grows, they can easily add more server resources or upgrade hardware to accommodate the increased email traffic. This scalability ensures that the email service remains responsive and reliable even during periods of high demand.

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Creator II
Creator II

Fully agree. This is one of our challenges moving to SAAS.