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Link Online help pages to Qlik Continuous Classroom

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Link Online help pages to Qlik Continuous Classroom

This is more for internal Qlik consideration @Meghann_MacDonald @Patric_Nordstrom @Ian_Crosland  rather than community voting.

For many topics there is a direct 121 relationship between a QCC training module and Qlik help page e.g. bar chart, sorting, searching, pivot table, maps, NPrinting, etc etc.

So both to improve the user experience who is viewing online help, and also to possibly increase Qlik training subscription revenue, how about adding a mini training section paragraph and link to the relevant QCC module for each online help topic after the typical examples section ?

Many customers / online help viewers may not even know of the existence of QCC.

Even the subjects that have not got an absolute 121 relationship, could still benefit from a suggested classroom topic link, e.g. Data Manager, Script editor, etc etc.

A few simple sentences beside the link could explain how QCC subscriptions work.

Not quite so useful but a link in the opposite direction from the QCC module pages to the ( latest ) online help page might help.

Thoughts ? Benefits both client-managed and SaaS experience.


Thank you! 

Our customer learning team clarified to me that this feature is already available wherever they have free training modules, but where a subscription is required for the module they do not because it may frustrate users. 


Status changed to: Open - Collecting Feedback

We do not offer modules that require subscriptions so that users without it will be upset, but we are working on the explanation of QCC to allow people to subscribe if they would like the modules.

Status changed to: Open - In Development

Hi all, we are moving forward on planning how to pull QCC free content into product, both as interactive video dashboards and in-context help videos. 


Status changed to: Open - On Roadmap