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Need option not to resolve DNS name when using web connector

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Need option not to resolve DNS name when using web connector

In an environment where a proxy server is required to connect to the
Internet, the name resolution by DNS is performed by the proxy server.
Therefore, in such cases, Qlik Sense does not need to submit name
resolution requests to DNS.
Qlik Sense sends a name resolution request to the DNS server when fetching
web files in the load script.
At that time, the error that the host cannot be found is returned and the
phenomenon that the connection is considered to have failed occurs.
In fact, the proxy server does the name resolution, so the connection is
The Qlik Sense configuration requires the option not to send name
resolution requests to the DNS server to accommodate proxies.

When the customer uses information published on the Internet, it is
necessary to fetch the file from a browser and import it into Qlik Sense.

Information cannot be updated in real time.
There is a disadvantage that it takes time to import files.
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This has been assessed as "not planned" for quite a while. We are no longer evaluating this for the roadmap but may come back to it if our priorities change.

Status changed to: Closed - Archived