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Nprinting Designer for Mac

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Nprinting Designer for Mac

Hi! I work with a MacBook in my current role.  

I'd love to see a version of Nprinting Designer for Mac.  I love Nprinting, but there isn't much I can with it without dealing with VMs or working on the server (QSE/AWS) directly.  I certainly cannot give RDP capability to other developers.



I agree... 

I guess better solution would be just built-in web based designer interface which would solve bunch of other issues like:

  • zoom and freezing on high DPI screens
  • compatibilty with different OS (Mac, Win, Linux)

I am in the same boat as I prefer to use Macbook for my usual work. Since Qlik Sense development can be done on Mac i only struggle with NPrinting. Currently i RDP to my other Windows laptop from my Mac - but this is just ridiculous solution and I cannot afford it for much longer!


Thanks for the post - unfortunately this is not planned.  

Status changed to: Closed - Declined

Shame - I thought web based designer is something on the roadmap...