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Parameter control when maximising objects

Contributor III
Contributor III

Parameter control when maximising objects

I'm speaking from a QlikView perspective (I can't comment on Sense so don't know if this is / isn't available), but the ability to control the parameters by which an object expands when the end users wishes to expand an object.  Currently, this takes over the full page, but I'd like the ability to reduce this size on the page.

Thanks for considering!

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Thank you so much for your feedback, we really appreciate it!

We've designed the maximize capability to be consistent with what users expect when expanding an object to full screen. The intent of the maximize feature is allow better visibility of objects as well as show smaller details.  

As of right now, we are not planning to change/adjust the maximize capability. However, this feature can be achieved through a show condition. 

Status changed to: Closed - Declined