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QEM Features


QEM Features

FEATURE : Add Notification feature on Enterprise Manager
 Our team is already using the Notification features available on Replicate, however when exploring Enterprise Manager, we noticed that Enterprise Manager is lacking of some notifications.
Task was started
Task was stopped manually or by the Scheduler
Task was stopped after Full Load: Cached changes were not applied
Task was stopped after Full Load: Cached changes were applied
Full Load started
Full load completed
Table encountered over N apply errors
Disk Space
System Memory
Ideally, Enterprise Manager could push the same configuration (e.g. Disk Space, System Memory) to multiple servers instead of having team to manually configure that one by one.
FEATURE: Add Job Scheduling feature on Enterprise Manager
 In some cases our team needs to take into consideration different time windows and target availability to perform data replication.
The Replicate server provides that kind of feature and our team is already leveraging it, however, that feature is missing on Enterprise Manager.
Without having the job scheduling feature on Enterprise Manager our team will need to log in directly on Replicate and will not be able to leverage SAML authentication.
 Also, there is no plan to leverage other scheduling tools.
FEATURE: Audit Log – easy to read
This feature was requested last year and the request was to make simple and easier to read audit log as currently each individual event is viewed separately.
Status changed to: Open - Collecting Feedback

we will communicate dates once we are done with design

Status changed to: Open - On Roadmap
Contributor III
Contributor III

Agreed with this idea (though it focuses on notifications, scheduler, and logging) as when investing in Enterprise Manager, one should be able to expect all capabilities afforded the UI/command line of any individual Replicate instance should be incorporated in Enterprise Manager.

Contributor III
Contributor III

I would like to expand on the Audit Log portion of this request.

I have a requirement as part of our Enterprise Security Policy that states all applications should be able to routinely generate log data around user activity and send it to a centralized log monitoring solution for review. The Audit Log file contains all the data necessary to meet this requirement, however, it's only possible to generate this file manually by clicking on the button in the UI.

I'd like to request functionality that allows for any of the below options:

  1. Scheduled execution of the generation of this report (with a customizable schedule) to a folder on the QEM server
  2. An endpoint within the QEM API to request this data as a stream or file
  3. The ability to configure QEM to automatically emit this data out in realtime (as it happens) to an external system


Contributor II
Contributor II

Echoing comments on Audit Log updates.  @MRodriguez captures the requirements perfectly.  We had initially requested a feature for programmatic access to the audit log, via the API or some other method, back in March of this year.  



Several of the requested features here have been delivered.  In our May 2021 release we did close the gap with most of the Replicate notifications now being available in Enterprise Manager.  There are still a few gaps here that we plan on closing in the future.  Additionally, Enterprise Manager now includes an API to export audit trail data.  

We hope you find these new features helpful and welcome any additional feedback on Enterprise Manager here.

Status changed to: Partially Delivered