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QEM: Restrict notifications to resources you have access to

Contributor III
Contributor III

QEM: Restrict notifications to resources you have access to

Within QEM, you can segregate data and business areas by having separate QR instances, and applying QEM permissions to their respective instances. Unfortunately, this process does not carry over to analytics or notifications. Ex:

  • Servers foo and bar are both defined within a QEM instance
  • Bob only has access to QR server foo
  • Jim only has access to QR server bar
  • Bob can create/edit/delete notifications involving jim's server, even though he can't see anything about it
  • Jim's server notification causes email for both servers, even though he can only see one server

If a user or group only has access to one server, I don't believe they should be able to touch notifications that don't belong to their group, or that reference resources they don't have access to

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