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QMC Navigation - Jump from Tasks to Apps & Apps to HUB

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QMC Navigation - Jump from Tasks to Apps & Apps to HUB

Use Case:

A task fails, and the user needs to edit the script of the related app to fix the cause of the failure.


If a task fails, there is a long list of steps that need to be done to open the relevant app:

1) The name of the app related to the task has to be found (hopefully the task name is similar to the app name, else the user needs to edit the task to get the name of the app).

2) There is no copy function on the app name, or task name, so a notepad should be used to type the exact name of the app, letter for letter (sometimes apps have similar names)

3) Navigate to Apps, then search for the relevant app (typing the name exactly, letter for letter) - search method is on "exact phrase", not "any of these words" 

4) Among the results (many versions of the same app) identify the live version of the app (hopefully the task name is different for the live version, or has a tag)

5) Duplicate the app

6) Navigate to HUB

7) Refresh the HUB with F5, because you have a new app in your HUB

8 ) Look for the copy of the live version in the HUB (if you have many apps in your HUB, you have to type the name in the search again... letter for letter)

9) Open the app

10) Edit the script


Steps 1 to 4 can be replaced with a "Jump to Apps" button, that jumps from Tasks to Apps and applies a filter to the Apps list, with only the app used in the task showing.

In a similar way steps 6 to 9 can be replaced by an "Open App" button, that jumps from the Apps in QMC to the specific app and opens it in the HUB.

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