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QSD authentication against QAP

Contributor III
Contributor III

QSD authentication against QAP

Starting 1st of July 2020 Qlik Sense Desktop (QSD) can only be used if authenticated against Qlik Sense Enterprise (QSE) server with user access.
In our organization, the QSE installation is inside the internal network and, because of network policy, it cannot be exposed to public.
Thus, QSD cannot be used outside our network, whereas, we are expressly interested in using it outside our network!
Please note that the use cases in which we can benefit of Qlik Sense Desktop instead of the corporate client-server Qlik are indeed “outside office” situations where the connection to our corporate VPN is difficult or inconvenient.
Sometimes, further than “outside office” we have even “off-line” situations (while travelling, or in countries or contexts without sufficient band, etc..) so that we may just count on a minimal internet availability to authenticate at the beginning.
We are indeed strongly convinced that the new policy of allowing QSD for Qlik Customers makes sense exactly in these kind of situations.
Since we do have a Qlik Analytical Platform (QAP) which is exposed to the internet, our idea would be to make a solution that allowed authenticating QSD against QAP.
Right now, given there are no user licences in QAP, QSD cannot use it for authentication.
We therefore ask Qlik to implement this possibility.
Contributor II
Contributor II

This is a very good idea indeed. It's silly to think that all installations of Qlik Sense Desktop can reach internal company servers. There are many organisations dealing with sensitive data and cannot expose their servers to the Internet just so people can use Qlik Sense Desktop.



Provided that QSD from now is only for Qlik customers, I think they want/need to use it especially when they are forcefully OUTSIDE the corporate environment ! So the authentication against QAP should be REALLY allowed.


Hello @stamos2000,

Thanks for your idea. I have changed the labels to better reflect the actual product area. Please refer to the submission guidelines for more details.


Hi all

I believe that the scenario can be useful to other clients.

Authenticating  QSD to a Qlik Enterprise Core works without any issues

The idea is to use QAP for QSD authentication in case customers cannot access  from the internet unless connected in their VPN (Virtual Private Network)

When they are connected to VPN there is no need to use QSD. They would use QEC directly.

Hence, customers are interested in using Qlik Sense Desktop as an alternative to access their corporate environment when they are forced to work offline (provided the minimal need to access internet for the initial authentication only, but avoiding connecting to the VPN)

Maybe I am wrong, but the QSD documentation does not specify QAP can currently not be used to authenticate to QAP

Alternatively, there may be a way around it using a mash-up.

Status changed to: Open - On Roadmap