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[Qlik Cloud] Enable Port 25 for SSL/TLS for SMTP Configuration

Contributor II
Contributor II

[Qlik Cloud] Enable Port 25 for SSL/TLS for SMTP Configuration

Currently we've the problem, that SMTP Mail configuration based on SSL/TLS encryption using Port: 25 is not working.  It is possible to add Port 25 and SSL/TLS encryption in the settings (Mail Server) but after testing it results in an error.

Independant from that our company currently only offers for Cloud/SaaS solutions smtp relay service on Port 25 with SSL/TLS encryption. Due to that we see here a major show stopper in using Qlik products and reaching out to you to help us quite soon.

Finally we need a solution for: Enable Port 25 for SSL/TLS for SMTP Configuration

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Thank you for the ideation request.

Qlik is continuing to review the way the platform sends notifications and other email generating components of the platform to provide a universal solution. 

With regard to your idea:

Reading across the Internet and different mail service providers, this request is not an item we intend to support. SMTP traffic using TLS and its support is a function of the mail server. In the case of your request, Qlik is the mail client, not the server.

Here are some pages to read more about SMTP and ports:


Status changed to: Closed - Declined