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Qlik SaaS - DataFiles clean up - Filemanagement


Qlik SaaS - DataFiles clean up - Filemanagement

A long with my other idea for Qlik Saas : that one should be able to download files from the DataFiles areas. It should of course also be possible to filehandle better than it is now.

You can only move, duplicate and delete files (single file wize) :-a0

It has to be possible to manage the files better, unless you don't care for the mess of files all over the place.. 🙂 .. Imagine that one by mistake uploaded 200 files to the wrong shared space... Or by mistake uploaded files that should not have been uploaded...  Its gonna take quite a while to clean up that 🙂 ... I guess most people won't clean up, since it would be to big a task.. Hope you have enough space 🙂 🙂 





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