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Qlik SaaS - Forts - transfering local network files to the Fort

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Qlik SaaS - Forts - transfering local network files to the Fort


I found that it is NOT possible to transfer files from for example a network share or a local folder on your machine to the Qlik Fort. You have to upload files manually! I consider this a bug!

You cannot use Qlik Forts without being able to either access a network path directly from the Fort, or having Qlik DataTransfer synchronize a local folder on a network to the Forts DataFiles area.

What about all the excel files that is changed daily from users?? Should they upload their changes every day manually?

We cannot implement Qlik Forts at our customers before this is possible. 😞

I have already posted this on the support portal : Case 00022007

The funny part is, that Qlik Datatransfer actually uploads the files to the Fort  according to it self. But the files are not completely accessable. You can only see that the files are in the "Fort Space", but when browsing the DataFiles, they aren't there 😮 ...  And how were they transfered ? Via the cloud to the fort or directly to the fort from the locally installed Qlik DataTransfer?? (hopefully the last) !! Else, the files pass through the internet via QlikCloud, which is NOT what we want 😉

Please enable upload to Fort Spaces via DataTransfer as soon as possible!!! Or make it possible to access a "DataArea share" on the Fort.  



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