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Qlik Saas - Application Automation - handling of special characters in object names ect.

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Qlik Saas - Application Automation - handling of special characters in object names ect.


I have discovered that if getting data from a straight table with the "Get straight table data" method. Where the table contains "special characters" like ÅÆØ (danish characters). The Qlik SaaS application automation crashes with :
 Invalid JSONPath: $.GetStraightTableData.item.Leverandørgruppenavn
Renaming the field to Leverandoergruppenavn solves the problem.

The problem is that when using "space" or "special chars". The object call in the json text created automatically  by Application Automation does not wrap the name of the object in "s and misinterprets the call.  

I got a work-around from Qlik Support using a variable that contains the names with "" included around the names. But this should in my opinion be changed in the back-end by Qlik. So that it automatically always wrap all references/names/objects  with ".  

Another workaround was in my case just to rename the object it self so that it does not use special chars.

Qlik support case : 00008037




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