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Qlik Sense Mobile on small mobile devices - Disable layout and behaviour change

Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlik Sense Mobile on small mobile devices - Disable layout and behaviour change

Currently, when using small mobile devices (smartphones), Qlik Sense completely changes its behaviour and doesn't let you click or interact with your applications as normal, by design.


Instead, it makes you "activate" objects (barcharts, tables, filter panes, buttons...) by enlarging them full screen and only after that it allows you to make a selection (on a chart) or actually click a button. A short video demonstration is attached. Obviously, it works correctly on laptops or tablets.

Also, for example, simulating devices dimensions on Chrome, you can see that Qlik Sense changes its behaviour when you pass from 641px (where it works correctly) to 640px, as shown in the attachment (png).

It would be great if any device of any dimensions would work the same, or at least, to have te possibiliy to enable or disenable this kind of functionality.

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Simple Field Select extension has a feature to disable this mandatory mobile zooming behaviour. Just download the extension from https://developer.qlik.com/garden/598c6b041cfdc8bde4c49def

The feature will be found grom Global Modifications (need to enable these) - Mobile View Settings - Disable Mobile Zoom check box