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Qlik Sense SaaS - QVD preview/viewer


Qlik Sense SaaS - QVD preview/viewer

QViewer (other tools are available!) is part of a Qlik dev's toolkit when working on Windows. Obviously this can't be used on QS SaaS so a viewer/preview function would be really useful without having to build an app that brings in a QVD to view the data. 

Something a little like Catwalk but just for a QVD... 

Perhaps this will come if/when Qlik Catalog is integrated into Qlik Sense SaaS?

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This is such a good idea. I was hoping there would be programmatic access to datafiles, then in theory you could grab the file and open it in whatever viewer you wanted. 

The new Data Catalog stuff released into SaaS has a basic data preview mode, but, we need more QViewer type experiences.