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Replicate Multiple Global Transformation on same Objects

Contributor III
Contributor III

Replicate Multiple Global Transformation on same Objects


Source: SQL Server, Target: Snowflake on Azure

While using Global Transformations (GT) within Replicate, we've observed that multiple-global transformations are not getting applied on the same objects. So basically, Replicate is applying only the first created GT and not applying the GT's which are created later if they refer to same column/table.

As a part of our requirement, we need to convert all of our columns to UpperCase and also convert few of the column datatypes on the fly from Replicate to Snowflake. Since multiple-GTs are not being applied on the same column nor there is a cast function to combine them in a single case statement GT, only the first created GT is getting applied in our target but we need both uppercase & datatype conversions on the same column to be applied.

I've already discussed this with Qlik support reps and they suggested to request here if it is possible to add this feature for enabling multiple-global transformations on the same objects within Replicate in future upgrades?

Thank you,

Sandilya Dongar.


Hi @SandilyaDongar , in the future please only apply 1 tag per idea. Refer to the Ideation Guidelines posts with any further questions.


Thank you for the feedback.  This is being considered for a future release and we will update as to when it will be available.

Status changed to: Open - On Roadmap