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Selections Insights

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Selections Insights

A typical user session in QS may involve a combination of using data filters, analysing charts, using advanced tools like selection insights / insights advisor, bookmarks, clear etc.

People in the business world today are busy. And often get distracted.

Yes they can step backwards and forwards via the toolbar at the top.

It would be really helpful if their entire session data selection and navigation focus was available as a pop-up display. "10 minutes ago I was looking at Sheet X then I selected Germany then I went to Sheet Y etc etc. Ah I forgot because I picked up a call. Let's go back there and explore more ......". Think of behaviour on Amazon or EBay where you are reminded about what items you looked at. Frequently ! Plus you get a view in so many sites ( Amazon, EBay, AirBnB and many others ) that 'n' people are looking at the same item.

How useful would that be in a large business organisation to really drive collaboration with colleagues if QS could show you what others were exploring ? People should not work in isolated bubbles.

A feature like this would add value imo and allow the user to focus their busy mind on their insight behaviour. And let others see it. And drive collaborative business change.

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