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Show applied selections in Snapshot library and data export

Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Show applied selections in Snapshot library and data export

All field selections associated with a snapshot should be visible (or somehow accessible to view) in Snapshot library.

Currently, user must make text annotation to a snapshot in order to differentiate between snapshots of a same object, but with different selections applied. The only way how to know, which selections were applied (if there is no description) is to use "Go to source" funcion.




The information about current selections should be also attached to the excel when exporting the data (or there should be an option to enable this, like it is in QlikView).

Had a feed-back from multiple users, that showing applied selections would be really helpful.

Please let me know if I'm missing something.




Also commented on the newer request for this functionality to be migrated from QlikView to Qlik Sense. This feature and the superior quick search functionality available in QlikView but not Qlik Sense is stopping most of our QlikView users from migrating to our Qlik Sense solutions.


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Status changed to: Closed - Archived