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Support for web analytics trackers

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Support for web analytics trackers

Dear R&D team,

Can you please consider support for web analytics, i.e. Google Analytics or AppDynamics trackers?

Typically a placeholder to help load such trackers in the HEAD section of the web clients.

Such trackers can help understand:

  • Initial application load time on the device
  • Time to load another sheet
  • Application navigation path
    • Do they use the base sheets (what we have delivered) or rather the community sheets (what they have built on top)?
  • Activity type, i.e. browsing the hub, an app sheet, app story, data load editor, ...
  • Country/Region location of the user
  • Network performance, some indication about bandwidth and latency
  • Device, i.e. laptop, iPhone/iPad, Android
  • Browser, i.e. IE, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox or the Qlik Sense mobile app
  • Error messages, typically device/browser related

The tracker would be client specific and record activities in the Hub, within apps and the QMC/AMC/Console.