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Use Windows Authentication with Qlik Web Connectors

Contributor II
Contributor II

Use Windows Authentication with Qlik Web Connectors

Provide support to Qlik Web Connectors for Windows Authentication so that it is easy for an organization to add a group of users to a security group and those users can easily access Web Connector with their AD instead of creating and using other accounts. 

This will enable the users to access from their local machine and only to a subset of users. 

In the current scenario as there is no support for Windows Auth, if we open the port 5555 we are allowing any user to be able to access the web connector, which is high risk from a security standpoint.

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Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Windows authentication would be a great addition indeed, so we don't have to solely rely on local credentials (that get lost).


Not quite sure about the above statement, in our experience we have secured the portal over HTTPS and we manage who can connect (we don't allow "any" user to connect). This is still a manual process to grant access for users.

I think the total number of users is capped to 200 per server where the web connectors run. Each user will retain personal connector settings under their profile. It may be tricky to manage access through AD groups in a large deployment. 


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