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Use the open source Monaco Editor to replace the current Data Load Editor

Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Use the open source Monaco Editor to replace the current Data Load Editor

I find myself using VS Code (Visual Studio Code) when I need to edit a piece of script where I have to edit multiple lines, or move lines up and down, etc. Coming from a programming background I always thought the Data Load Editor was lacking very useful features and I think this could be improved.

The editor VS Code uses lives as a standalone open source project called Monaco Editor ( I have seen this editor being used in other places other than VS Code, like in and it's always a delight to use.

Other benefits from using the Monaco Editor could be:

  • Giving users the option to choose how their editor looks
    • Themes support. A dark theme would be welcome
    • The option to choose a different font
    • User configurable hotkeys
  • Better support for syntax highlight. Finally getting SQL syntax highlighting?
  • Support for using tabs across the top, like all editors
  • Minimap
  • Improved search and replace
  • Splitting the editor area to see two tabs/files at the same time
  • Lots more

I guess not all of the above have to be turned on from the beginning but just wanted to highlight a few of the things that this new editor would make possible.

Thanks for your time,


Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

I like the concept behind this idea - but why not a Qlik supported VSCode extension?

Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

I think an extension would be great but wouldn't meet some use cases and benefits...

Not every customer you work with will have VSCode installed or approved for installation? Integrated means simpler deployment. 

The native editor experience should be as good as possible to give confidence in the product and enable efficient development?

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Former Employee
Former Employee
Status changed to: Open - New
Former Employee
Former Employee

Thank you for this idea. While it is something that could be quite interesting, we do not plan to address this on the product roadmap. We will continue to re-evaluate our priorities and strategic direction to see if this can fit in.

Status changed to: Open - Not Planned
Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni


we develop a vscode extension to solve a lot of this developer's needs.

@alvaromartinez  @John_Teichman  @AlexOmetis @jheasley 

Just have a look at:

We releasing at the moment nearly every 2 weeks new functionality.

If you have wishes please fill an issue on Github.



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