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Web connectors - System connector

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Web connectors - System connector

Support for system commands from the web connectors would be a great addition.

As per my knowledge, there is only one option with Qlik Sense to execute system commands: Enable legacy mode for the whole site.

Outside of Qlik Sense, we can execute system commands, for instance with scheduled Windows tasks that cannot be chained with Qlik Sense tasks.


We use system commands for connecting to REST APIs that require NTLM authentication (web connectors cannot handle it, so we use Curl commands), execute powershell script to extract Active Directory records (limited to 1 000 records from Qlik Sense connector), ... whenever system access is required.


Something around these lines and supported would work, Powershell Execute: https://developer.qlik.com/garden/58e16245145d6f64e17f4d51


As of today, we use QlikView for these activities. We use QlikView because these actvities also involve data processing/transformation along the system commands. Fetching the same data and massaging it in Powershell requires a different set of skills than the ones we have.  

We don't want to enable the legacy mode. This setting is global and we don't want 2 000 developers to mess up with the system, by mistake, from their reload script. We however have decided to move away from QlikView and migrate to Qlik Sense, therefore such feature would be of great help. 

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This is not something we will deliver as part of the Qlik connectors.

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