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viewer licensing model

Creator III
Creator III

viewer licensing model

There are 3 types of data consuming users:

+ Data expert (fixed to Professional token) who will create new reports/dashboards, create data models...

+ Analysts (fixed to analyzer token) who will do analytics jobs by the application designed by data experts.

+ Viewer (NO TOKEN actually fix) who only consume the output of reports/dashboards and make final decisions.

In a real situation of a corporation, only 5% employees needs to be data experts, 20% are analysts and huge number of remaining are viewer (75%).


 Qlik sense have some sort of licensing models (Perpetual, Subscription) but mostly fixed for Data experts and Analysts while there are a huge demand of Viewer license which might be crowd and costs of analyst/professional are too high to expand.

Ex: I have a dashboard to show sale performance. we have a thousand of sale staffs, 1-2 sale analysts.

Best fix license modeling like:

- 1 Professional token for developer 

- 2 analyzer token for sale analysts (or even they could you the professional token)

- 1000 view tokens (just to get a static reports of their sale performance

Another example, I made a dashboards to show Covid-19 information and would like to public it on web for anyone could access.

For power BI, there cheap cloud user could share a report public while no way to archive it with Qlik sense Biz.

Thanks for your time, please consider!