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End-point URLs for Qlik GeoAnalytics


End-point URLs for Qlik GeoAnalytics

When running against Qlik GeoAnalytics cloud services, there are a few end-point URLs to be aware of, depending on which service is being used

The following URLs are used by Qlik GeoAnalytics (unless connecting to a local Geo server):

  • https://maps.qlikcloud.com (replacing q.idevio.com)
  • https://route.qlikcloud.com (replacing routes.idevio.com)
  • https://geocode.qlikcloud.com (replacing geocode.idevio.com)
  • https://ga.qlikcloud.com (replacing ga.idevio.com)

If you used previous versions of Idevio Maps in existing Qlik apps, the URL(s) may need to be updated in various objects to reflect the changes above when updating to Qlik GeoAnalytics.


  • The old endpoints will still be available to be used with the legacy Idevio Maps, but cannot be used by Qlik GeoAnalytics
  • It is not recommended to translate the URL to IP address to do white-listing, there is no guarantee that the IP numbers will stay the same forever.
  • Using Amazon as the hosting provider and IP range might change without notice in the future


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