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ExtendedException: Type '500' thrown in file


ExtendedException: Type '500' thrown in file

The below error is in the QlikView Server event logs

20210213T214513.000-0500 20210215T030409.000-0500 1 300 Error ExtendedException: Type '500' thrown in file 'c:\jws\engine-common-ws\src\coreengine\webfile.cpp' in function 'CWebFile::Open' on line '438'. Message: 'Internal Server Error' and additional debug info: 'HTTP error code: 500' 90c7a551-c959-4bd7-824a-c0013de2ac13


To find the document causing issue, in the above 90c7a551-c959-4bd7-824a-c0013de2ac13 is the session ID. Open the QlikView Server session log and search for it. As you can see from the below session log, it will point to the QVW that is causing the issue.


RLS64 12.50.20200.0 20210213T214513.000-0500 20210215T032022.000-0500 \\Itest\abc\some.qvw 20210212T170940.000-0500 Socket closed by client 20210215T030404.000-0500 00:16:18 0.000000 95605 2872945 262 13 EUR\ro65100 99a08c44-559e-49e2-ae6b-9a21f128fc30 Ajax QvIIS 12.50.20200.0 browser.chrome On 4747 49574 Named User 447 90c7a551-c959-4bd7-824a-c0013de2ac13


 QlikView 12.50


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