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Handling Decimal value in String type input parameter


Handling Decimal value in String type input parameter

When entering a decimal value that ends in one or more zeroes, the trailing zeroes will be removed if the value is entered in an input field that expects a string value.

To prevent this, add an " " to your value.

Example: If you enter the number 30.70 in a string input field, the last 0 will be trimmed automatically and the output will be 30.7. In some cases, this last zero is needed for example, for a project or product code. Hence you need to add " " to your value so that the last 0 will not be trimmed.

When entering 0 as a value for an input field, encapsulate it in double-quotes "0", else it will be considered as null. Also you can use "To text" formula to convert the number to string.

Click here  to find the formula placeholders.

Before adding " "

Madhushree_BP_0-1613566383292.png                  Madhushree_BP_1-1613566409812.png

After adding  " "

Madhushree_BP_2-1613566451418.png                Madhushree_BP_3-1613566479908.png



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