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How to Resolve Qlik NPrinting Engine Offline Status


How to Resolve Qlik NPrinting Engine Offline Status

Various Qlik NPrinting Engine issues may result due to various incorrect configuration problems:

  • In some cases, the NPrinting Engine server service will not start, is offline in the NPrinting Web Console Engine manager or results in "Something Went Wrong with the current operation" error message

Environments Affected: 

  • All NPrinting Server and NPrinting Engine versions

nprting engine offline.png

Engine Offline:

  • The Engine is installed on a separate computer from the NPrinting server but the engine was installed using the Engine computer name and not the NPrinting server name where the NPrinting Scheduler resides.
  • IP address or FQDN is used for the NPrinting Scheduler node field rather than the computer name only.
  • Corrupted software installation file
  • The NPrinting Engine installation executible file is not installed as a domain account user that is a member of the local administrators group on the local machine
  • For NPrinting Nov. 2018 and higher versions: The corresponding NPrinting Engine in the NPrinting Web Console>Admin> Engine Manager was not updated after installing the NPrinting Engine ie: Certficate was not sent. Result: Engine will not enter "Online" status. See the following article for details: New Engine Certificate Installation Process and Resolving NPrinting Engine Offline

Something went wrong with the current operation:

  • Wrong version of the NPrinting Engine software is installed "something went wrong with the current operation"
  • Differing time and time zones between the NPrinting server and NPrinting engine computers
    • A message in the Engine logs will state the following when the system clocks are out of sync: Obsolete allocation message rejected


Verify that:

  • The NPrinting Engine Computer time and time zone are identical to the NPrinting server time and time zone
  • The NPrinting Engine is connected using the correct NPrinting Server name. When installing the NPrinting engine, you must you the name of the NPrinting server that you are connecting to.
Note: avoid using the FQDN nor the IP address: For example, QlikServer1 not QlikServer1.domain.com nor (IP address may change in some environments).
  • The correct NPrinting Engine version is installed. It must be the same version as the NPrinting server

Steps to resolve the issue:

If updating the server clock time and time zones do not resolve the issue, do the following:

  • Uninstall the existing NPrinting Engine. This will remove the NPrinting Engine service
  • Download from the Qlik Download site, the matching version of the NPrinting Engine Software that matches the NPrinting Server version. If there are any errors during the download, make another attempt to download the file. (Do NOT install over the network to avoid potential explicit or implicit 'cyclic redundancy check' errors)
ie: If NPrinting 19.0.3 server is installed, you must also install the corresponding version of the NPrinting Engine also NPrinting 19.0.3. Do NOT mismatch Engine and Server versions as this will cause errors.
  • Before attempting re-installation: Right click on the installation file and on the 'General' tabs of the file 'Properties' click 'Unblock' if 'Unblock' button is found
  • Next, install the NPrinting Engine software. During the install, use the NP server name (not FQDN nor the IP address) during the Engine installation process if the engine is installed on a separate computer. For example use: QlikServer1 not QlikServer1.domain.com not
  • Next open the NPrinting web console>Admin>Engine Manager and type QlikServer1 not QlikServer1.domain.com not in the 'address' field
  • Note: NPrinting Engine connects to the NPrinting Scheduler node. The NPrinting scheduler is loaded on the NPrinting Server. This point is critical if you are installing the NPrinting engine on a computer other than the NPrinting server. See Engine Installation instructions below for more details.
Note: To mitigate any upgrade issues when using a different service account to install the NPrinting engine that was originally used to install the NPrinting Engine, please upgrade NPrinting Engine and NPrinting server to November 2019 or later releases. See NPrinting Upgrade Install from NPrinting 17.3.x or higher
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