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How to Share Bookmarks in Qlik Sense

Digital Support
Digital Support

How to Share Bookmarks in Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense April 2020 introduced the option to share published bookmarks directly form a Qlik Sense app.

Previous versions from February 2019 require the addition of a share button to generate a link that acts similar to a bookmark. The share button is included in the Dashboard bundle.

Versions prior to February 2019 did not have a sharing feature built-in.


Qlik Sense April 2020


1. Create a bookmark. The bookmark menu can be located in the top right corner of the Qlik Sense app overview. 


2. Once the bookmark has been created and saved, navigate back to the bookmark menu.
3. Right click the bookmark that you wish to share.
4. Select Publish

You can also click Copy link - this will show a warning that the bookmark needs to be published. When confirming the warning, the bookmark will be automatically published. 


5. After publishing the bookmark, Right click the bookmark again.
6. Select Copy link   


7. This link can now be shared with anyone who has access to the application. 


Qlik Sense February 2019 to February 2020


Please see the process as referenced on Help.com > Visualizations > Dashboard Bundle > Share-button

NOTE: Application must be published in a stream that all interested parties are able to see.

1 - Open app
2 - Edit the app
3 - Go to custom objects
4 - Add the shared button object
  4a - May select either option of your choice:
       > Copy to Clipboard
       > A textbox
5 - Select "Done" ( to exit out of edit mode)
6 - Now select one of the app's bookmarks
7 - Go to the shared button, and this will a link
8 - Email / Message this link to the end-user.
9 - End-User receives it :
    9a - Click on it or copy-paste in on a browser
    9b - All the bookmark select will show selected now
10 - Once all the selection show.
11 -  End-user can go bookmarks
   11a- Save as a bookmark
12- Now technically end-user carries same bookmark/select as the original sender with its own bookmark. 


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