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Qlik Alerting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Qlik Alerting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Qlik Alerting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Qlik Alerting?
    Qlik Alerting provides enterprise alerting for your Qlik Sense deployment. It offers self-service capabilities for users to create their own alerts on the data they have access to in Qlik Sense.

2. Do I need to be a Qlik Sense User?
    To create alerts from data stored in a Qlik Sense application you will need to have a Qlik Sense license. To receive alerts created by someone else, you do not need a Qlik Sense license.

3. Does Qlik Alerting work with Qlik Sense Desktop?
    Qlik Alerting works only with Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows (QSEoW) at this time.

4. Do I need to download software to use Qlik Alerting?
    Yes. There is a server side installation required. For users there is no installation required apart from the iOS or Android mobile app if that is one of the delivery channels required.

5. How does it connect to my Qlik Sense Apps
    Qlik Alerting uses Qlik's powerful APIs to authorize users’ access to data in Qlik Sense apps, provide metadata when setting up and alert and provide the actual measure values for the Qlik Alerting engine to process the alert check.

6. Is there a limit to the number of alerts I can receive?
    There are no limits on alerts.

7. Is there a Qlik Alerting Mobile App?
    Yes, there are Apps for iOS and Android that can be downloaded from the relevant app stores by searching “Qlik Alerting”.

8. How does the Qlik Alerting Mobile App connect to my Qlik Sense environment?
    The Qlik Alerting Mobile app doesn't connect to your Qlik Sense environment. The app receives alerts from the Qlik Alerting engine when they are triggered.

9. Does the Qlik Alerting mobile app integrate with the Qlik Sense mobile app?
    Within the alert, there is a link to the associated Qlik Sense app which when clicked gives the user the option to open the Qlik Sense app in Qlik Sense Mobile.

10. Does Qlik Alerting store my Qlik Sense data?
    Each time an alert scan occurs only the measure value is stored in the Qlik Alerting database. This allows you to track scanned and alert triggered values over time to guide you and to allow you to set smart condition values.

11. Does Qlik Alerting work if I am not logged into my Qlik Sense?
    Yes, Qlik Alerting creates a separate session on Qlik Sense with your username, so you do not need to be logged in. If you are logged in the Qlik Alerting session will remain distinct from your open hub sessions so you will not be interrupted in your work whilst Qlik Alerting activates in the background.

12. Will Qlik Alerting be available for Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS?
    Currently Qlik Alerting is only available on Qlik Sense Enterprise Client-Manager (Windows). The product roadmap includes plans for adding alerting capabilities to Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS.

13. Can I have Qlik Alerting on my Qlik Sense dashboard?
    Yes, have a Qlik Sense extension that allows you to access Qlik Alerting from your Qlik Sense dashboards. This includes passing details of your current application and selections to Qlik Alerting to create an alert and conversely to apply the filter selections from your alert onto your dashboard for further analysis.

14. Does Qlik Alerting have a user manual?
    Yes, please visit https://help.qlik.com

15. What type of Alerts does Qlik Alerting Offer?
    Qlik Alerting can alert you on changes in your data that’s in your Qlik Sense applications, it can notify you on certain conditions on Qlik Sense reload tasks and it can send out notifications to your Qlik Sense user community around system downtime or new Qlik Sense applications that are published for example.

16. Is there a limitation on Qlik license type to use Qlik Alerting? i.e. Professional, Analyzer, QAP, etc.
    Qlik Sense Enterprise Professional & Analyzer, Tokens and CPU Core licensing is supported. However, Professional and Analyzer model is preferred and Token Model customers should be advised NOT to use Login Access Passes. 

    QAP is not supported with Qlik Alerting. 

17. Is there a minimum version of Qlik Sense that is supported for Qlik Alerting?
    Qlik Sense Enterprise June 2019

18. Does Qlik Alerting work with QlikView?
    Qlik Alerting’s integration is with Qlik Sense.  Customers can however binary load their QlikView apps into Qlik Sense and if the data is in Qlik Sense they will be able to create alerts with Qlik Alerting.  Please note, it is not necessary to migrate the UI from QlikView to Qlik Sense. Qlik Alerting just requires the data to be in Qlik Sense.  

20. What are the minimum hardware specifications required to run Qlik Alerting?
    Multi core x64 compatible processors, 8GB RAM, 32GB hard disk space

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