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QlikView: Organized way to troubleshoot "No Server" error

Digital Support
Digital Support

QlikView: Organized way to troubleshoot "No Server" error

Navigating to the QlikView AccessPoint results in a red banner and a display of  No Server

No documents are listed.

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  • QlikView Server all versions


The message of No Server simply means Web Server cannot find any available QlikView Server. However, many different reasons can cause this incident, which could make this a challenge to troubleshoot.

Here's a logical way to review the issue:

  1. Validate that  QlikView Web Server (QVWS) is configured to point to the correct QVS cluster node. Under QlikView Management Console (QMC) > System > Setup > QlikView Web Servers > QVWS@servername > AccessPoint > Server Connections > Name drop down menu > pick the correct QVS cluster/server.
  2. Is there any QlikView Server service(QVS) running at all?
    • Suggested action: go through all the servers running QVS to find out whether those services are up and running using Windows "Services" applet.
  3. Can those QVS' be reached by the QMC?
    • Suggested action: open QMC and confirm QVS are shown as running in "Status" view.
    • Go to System > Settings > QVS@[hostname] > General, take notes of the qvp:// URLs
  4. Can those QVS' be reached by the server running QVWS?
    • Suggested action: go to the server runs QVWS, confirm QVS are reachable by using "Open in server" command providing URL obtained in Step 2 above.
  5. Restart QVWS. Then open Access Point to see if it still shows "No Server".
  6. If still shows "No Server", check whether a domain account is used as Service Account.
    • Check if Certificate Trust option is in use, use QMC > System > About and check Service Authentication method, Certificates or AD Groups.  If Certificates, reference article QlikView Server Error "SSL: Decrypt Message Error" when using Digital Certificate communication betw...
    • Otherwise, change to a local account and see if that helps. Make sure the local account is in correct groups and all services need to be changed.
    • if the QlikView WebServer (or the Setting service) uses a different service account than the QVS, make sure that the account is added to the Administrators and QlikView Administrators groups in the QlikView server machine. 
  7. Check for possible issues with mounted folders:
    • take a backup of the settings.ini in C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer
    • Remove all Mounted folders in the QMC and check if the issue happens again. If it doesn't, the the issue is probably with one of the document mounts: add them back one by one to see which one is causing the issue to happen
    • if necessary to restore the settings.ini backup, stop the QVS and restore the file. 
  8. At this point, if it still shows "No Server", collect log from QVWS/QMS/QVS for further investigation.
  9. Verify which Service Authentication (system - about  - qms)  is being used. If "AD groups", you need to have the same account running all qv services. If using "Certificate Thrust", you can use different accounts.
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