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Triggered Blend Options


Triggered Blend Options


What is the difference between the asynchronous and real-time options for a triggered blend?


Asynchronous blends are running asynchronously, which means that the triggering system will not wait for the blend to finish to return a response. The only response you’ll get when triggering an asynchronous blend is a confirmation that the job is queued successfully. This option is useful when no response is required from the blend.

Real-time blends are running synchronously, meaning they will return a response payload after the blend was executed. In the background, runs are executed in parallel, making them more efficient to use.  As a downside, real-time blends do not support job logs, so your job log history will be empty.

You’ll see when you choose one of these options that your webhook URL changes slightly. If you set both of these flags to No, the default will just be a synchronous triggered blend, with job log history.

Please note that these settings come with different job execution time limits as described here.

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