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Digital Support

Hello Qlik Users!

Did you know we have a Qlik Gallery? The Qlik Gallery is place on the Qlik Community that features apps created by you and your peers!



What I find most interesting about the Qlik Gallery, is that all the apps are organized by Industry! You can filter on your industry to see what others have created. Each submission uses a standardized template, which will provide you with why the app was built, the audience and the value it’s having at their organization.

If you would like to submit an app to the Qlik Gallery, there are step-by-step instructions to submit your app on the home page.



Hovering over the steps 1 and 3 will provide more information.



Steps 2 and 4 are links to download the template and take you to the submission page, respectively.

There are also explicit instructions that you can find here. I would pay close attention to Step 4, which walks you through submitting the app. There are specific instructions that must be followed to keep the Gallery organized.

So, head on over to the Qlik Gallery! Look at what users have shared, strike up a conversation or find some inspiration! And if you feel so compelled, submit something you have created as well.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Kind regards,

Qlik Digital Support