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Hello Qlik Users!

When a Qlik Service (for Qlik Sense on Windows, QlikView or Qlik NPrinting) restarts or crashes, there are safeguards in place to record the incident in the logs or produce a dump file. However, if a service is killed silently by another process, you will not find an error or warning in the Qlik logs (only entries that the service was stopped and started).

So how do you find out what happened?

One of our Senior Technical Support Engineers wrote an article about how to debug a silent crash/termination of a Qlik Service using a debugging tool for Windows, gflags.exe. The article will walk you through using the tool to monitor the process and finding the event in the Application event log should the issue occur again.

For more information, please check out the article:

GFlags - Find out what killed silently a windows process

Thank you for choosing Qlik!

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