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Digital Support

Hello Qlik Users!

Qlik Sense SaaS is a bit different when it comes to implementing mapping. The platform does not have the GeoAnalytics connector nor the GeoAnalytics extensions. Instead, everything is built in.

Instead of using the connector, you will use GeoOperations. GeoOperations is a script language and allows you to perform the same operations as the GeoAnalytics connector. You will find useful examples on our Help site that offer guidance on implementing GeoOperations.

If you already have QVF files from a Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows environment that utilize the GeoAnalytics connector, you can convert the script to use GeoOperations instead of rebuilding that app.

Instead of using the mapping extensions, you will use the native Qlik Sense map. The native map has really evolved in the past few years and they are continuing to enhance its’ capabilities. You can find information on the map here as well as out on the Qlik Community. There are quite a few examples that you can download to see how they were created.

If you ever get stuck, I would highly recommend searching and/or posting on the Qlik GeoAnalytics forum. This forum is very active with customers and internals, including the Product Manager.

Let us know if you have any questions about GeoOperations. I am also curious to know what kind of mapping you are all doing. So, let me know in the comments below!

Kind regards,

Qlik Digital Support


Does this means GeoOperations are not on the roadmap to come into Client-managed?  Want to know before I add and idea.  Tx, Adam

Digital Support
Digital Support

@AdamBS I know the PM would love for it to be added but he doesn't know when/if it will be so I would go ahead and create the idea 🙂 Share the link with everyone as well to get it upvoted!