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Hello Qlik Users!

Happy Wednesday! It’s not Qlik Patch Wednesday, but many of you have been inquiring about the status of QlikView 12.50 service releases. So I wanted to provide an update on what is currently available as well as what’s to come.

QlikView 12.50 SR1 – This SR was released on August 13th. This SR addresses QV-20715 – an Internet Explorer ActiveX plugin security issue that would affect those using the plugin.

QlikView 12.50 SR1 patch build #28 – This is a new licensee patch that is now available through Qlik Support only. A case must be created with Qlik Support to receive the links for downloading the patch. It will not be made available on the Qlik Download site. For more information on licensee patches, please see our QlikView Release Management Policies.

The licensee patch addresses:

  • QV-20513: Date format turns into number from "dd/mm/yy" when creating a report on NPrinting
  • QV-20560: QlikView 12.50 exporting to excel turns number fields into text

If these two defects are business critical and a fix is immediately required, please create a case with Qlik Support to receive the licensee patch.

Please note: NPrinting is not supported with the QlikView 12.50 track. I will let you all know when NPrinting is officially supported with QlikView 12.50.

QlikView 12.50 SR2 – This SR is due out in September but I do not have a hard date. This SR will also address QV-20513 and QV-20560. If an immediate fix is not required, please wait for QlikView 12.50 SR2 to be released later this month.

Whichever service release is applied, please make sure to follow best practices when upgrading your QlikView environment.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions. If you found this blog helpful, please give it a ‘like’ and make sure you’re subscribed to receive notifications in your inbox.

Thank you for choosing Qlik!

Kind regards,

Qlik Digital Support