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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Qlik Users,

You’ve questions? We’ve got answers!

Introducing our new LIVE Q&A webinar series: Talk to Experts Tuesday!  



Talk to Experts Tuesday is a 60-minute webinar co-produced by the Qlik Digital Support team and the Qlik Community team and features subject matter experts from Qlik Support, Community, Product Management, Consulting and more, fielding and answering your questions LIVE! To facilitate answers to your questions, expect to see quick walkthroughs and guidance on resources that are available to you. This series will run bi-weekly and each session will focus on a different Qlik product.

Questions must pertain to the topic and the presenters will do their best to answer your question during the session. Look for the follow up post on Qlik Community that will share the recording along with the FAQ. Any unanswered questions during the session, will be included in the post.

The first session will kick off on Tuesday, August 4th at 10:00 AM EDT and the first topic will be…

Qlik Sense Business!

So, sign up and bring your questions! We are SO excited for this opportunity to interact with all of you!

Kind regards,

Qlik Digital Support & Qlik Community

Community Manager
Community Manager

Amazing!   We've been talking about this idea for a very long time (almost 2 years actually)!   So happy we finally can get this off the ground.  It will take time to grow and flourish and look forward to seeing many of our customers and partners benefit.   

Note to all:  you need not stay for the entire hour (but you can if you want to!).  You can hop on line, ask your questions and then go about your day.  In publishing transcripts to the community post-event many others are sure to benefit as well.   

Thanks to @Jamie_Gregory  for taking the time to explain this event in more detail to our community. 


Hi, can we send questions and receive explanations in Spanish? Just asking! Thank you very much!


@There237 thank you for your question!

Unfortunately we are going to answer live in English only, but if you send us a Spanish question it will most likely be answered on the Q&A text version shared after the live finishes. Here is an example of the Q&A article for the last session where the topic was Qlik Sense Business