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Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello Qlik Users!

Did anyone see the new update in Qlik Sense SaaS?

Updated appearance and location for Navigation menus, panel buttons and toolbars

The Prepare, Analyze and Narrate menus were relocated from the toolbar's middle to the left side.

Navigation toolbar.png


The Assets panel and Properties panel toggles now appear on the left side, where before they were on the bottom toolbar.



You’ll find the menu next to the Qlik logo. Click the ellipsis (…) to expand the menu to see the App Overview, make the sheet public, toggle the touch screen mode and more!



Improved Workflow Management

You can now republish an existing app! Make changes to the unpublished app in your space and push the changes to a published app in a managed space.




Exported sheets will retain themes, margins, presentation headers and other visual elements. The output will closely resemble what you see on the screen.



What do you think about the new improvements? Let us know in the comments below! For more information on the updates, be sure to check out the Qlik Sense SaaS in 60 video here or within the Connect & Learn button in your Qlik Sense SaaS hub.

Thank you for choosing Qlik!

Kind regards,

Qlik Digital Support


Hey @Jamie_Gregory

looks like a good restyling.
I personally love how the top navigation bar looks now, but I don't like the way some panels are managed.
I.e. I don't feel intuitive that, to change title/description/... of the app, I have to select the app name at the top... maybe with a different styling of the app name it would be more clear (i.e. italic)?

In the end I'll need to play a bit to feel familiar as in the previous releases


Edit: what would you think about adding a 'Give feedback' option also inside the app? Like the one we see inside the Management console
This way it would be easier giving feedback about issues or improvements (i.e. when you convert an object, the rzenere_methode_1-1618339805887.png is not shown anymore)

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni


Suggestion, when making changes to the user experience, could these be documented so that your many customers can easily update their in-house training manuals.  (Similar to the feed I get from Microsoft, daily).

Could you also add a pop up when you do make changes with a guide of what has changed since a user last logged in. Every little helps. We do not want to confuse our users.

Thanks in advance


Digital Support
Digital Support

@rzenere_methode Great idea! I will pass it along to the team. I would also suggest creating an Idea on the Ideation page and pass the link along. Also, for now, any improvements should be entered in Ideation as well. 

@parkera I like this idea as well! They are starting to use more popups so it would be excellent to have it walk you through what's changed. There is also the Connect & Learn button at the bottom right of the hub that has videos that talk about the new changes so hopefully that helps. There is also the Change log but I'm not sure how much of UX gets documented there. I have reached out for a better answer on that. I will send your suggestions to the team as well. I would also suggest putting this on the Ideation page.

Digital Support
Digital Support

@parkera I'm not sure if the page was cached, but I see the April 13th update now on the Change log for these changes. The UX changes in particular have a link to another page for the updated Navigation bar.  Hopefully, that will help with your user guide. If you have any other feedback, let me know and I will pass it along to the team. 


Hi @Jamie_Gregory , thanks a lot for the post!

The only thing I can't find in the new version is Downloading a Story to PowerPoint (there's only PDF export available). Do you know may be if this functionality will be returned?

Here's what I've expected: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/February2021/Subsystems/Hub/Content/Sense_Hub/Printing/exporting-s... 

Thanks in advance,