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Digital Support

Hello Qlik Users,

Five connectors are being replaced in the December 2020 release because the API to the sources have been updated, and the changes were so extensive that it wasn’t possible to modify the existing connectors. The affected connectors are

  • AYLIEN News
  • Bitly
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • OneDrive

Note that the Dynamics CRM and OneDrive Connectors are only impacted within the Standalone Web Connectors package.

We’ve already released a new version for each of these connectors with the suffix V2, utilizing the new API. The new APIs have improvements in features as well as performance, and in most cases, there are new columns or data structures available. For specific details you can read more on the API documentation for each source, which can be found via links on the respective connector’s page in the Qlik Connectors Help.

The old connectors are now no longer available in Qlik Sense or the Standalone Web Connectors package as their legacy APIs have expired and using them doesn’t work anymore (except for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which is still available under the deprecated tab in the Standalone Web Connectors application).

If you still have Qlik apps using connections based on the old versions of any of these connectors, you must recreate these connections with the V2 alternatives.

In addition to these replaced connectors, we have also removed the YouTube Data connector because of new restrictions that YouTube recently imposed. For this connector, unfortunately, there is no direct new replacement but we instead recommend using the already existing YouTube Analytics connector.

Kind regards,

Qlik Global Support