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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Qlik Users!

The Qlik Community team has been hard at work. You may recall that support related content was under the section called ‘Qlik Support Knowledge’. This section has recently been renamed to Qlik Support Programs.


Under Qlik Support Programs, you’ll still find the Knowledge Base, this blog, Qlik Fix and Support Techspert Thursday. You will also find the addition of two of our newest programs – Talk to Experts Tuesday and Featured Content Friday.

Clicking on Qlik Support Programs will bring up the new landing page that features a search bar to search all of Community or the Knowledge Base, a carousel of the Support Programs (including a description of each), and a list of the most recent discussions within the section.  



We are still working on getting some of the content moved, so please bear with us, but what does everyone think of the new layout? Let us know in the comments below!

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Thank you for choosing Qlik!

Kind Regards,

Qlik Global Support


I think more information in one place is a good thing and I love some of the initiatives you're running these days to engage the technical audience.

My main concern with moving everything to the community site is that the community site in general is much slower than the support site - I just searched for "invalid parameters" in the new knowledge base - this took 17s to return a result - filtering on Label Qlik Sense took a further 16s - so over 30s for a simple search. The same in the old support portal took about 2s for the first part and the second was instant. 

Is there anything that can be done about the speed of the community - as we know, people (including me) expect sub-second response times and quickly grow frustrated when things take more than a second or two... 

(I also much prefer the short links we used to have for KB articles on the old site, but that's not a functional thing, just a preference!)

Community Manager
Community Manager

@AlexOmetis Thank you for your feedback! I will pass your comments to the Community team to see if they are something that can be improved upon. The work they are doing is ongoing, so hopefully these can be addressed.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@AlexOmetis Hi Alex, we are actively looking into this with  our vendor.  Appreciate your feedback!