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We are pleased to announce that Power Tools are now available for download and use.   Power Tools is a small collection of programs which can be used to help troubleshoot and manager your QlikView Server & Publisher installations.

Included in the suite are:

  • Shared File Viewer - provides an insight in to .shared files used by QlikView Server to store information and data for amongst other things, server objects, bookmarks and document specific data.
  • QlikView Server Agent - easily manage all QlikView services, including changing credentials across multiple services.
  • QMS API Client - interact with all the QMS (QlikView Management Service) API functions without typing any code
  • QV User Manager - commandline utility to list, add, remove and edit CAL information remotely
  • Qvs Detector - scans your subnet and lists all QlikView Servers along with information like licenses, root folder and version
  • Reload Schedule Migration Tool
  • Server Object Handler
  • XmlDbViewer - display and search information from the QlikView Publisher Repository XML database

Power Tools is very much a pilot program and as such are not supported as official QlikView products.   We believe that they will be very useful, but they are used at your own risk.   We do value your feedback, so please let us know your thoughts QlikCommunity http://community.qlik.com/thread/38461

Download from http://d1cf4w4kkla6tb.cloudfront.net/Power%20Tools/1.0/PowerTools.exe

Thank you Stefan Bäckstrand for these fantastic tools!

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