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Digital Support

We are excited to announce that Qlik Automation Templates are now available!


We are proud to announce Automation Templates, a new enhancement for our Application Automation capability that accelerates developer productivity for our customers. Automation Templates are a library of pre-built, Qlik-curated, automation workflows that users can easily configure to support a variety of use cases like alerting, task chaining, loop and reduce, and later this month reporting. By working with our customers, we’ve created 18 automation templates and we plan to deliver others as our services mature.

The 18 example templates can be grouped into the following use case categories: 

  • Analytics Data Pipelines Templates in this category allow customers to easily reload applications, couple task chains, and create Service Now tickets for failed reloads. 
  • Alerting: Customers can use templates in this category to develop advanced alerts and distribute them where necessary.
  • Master Item Management: Customers can use these blueprints to easily send measures from a parent app to other apps in a targeted space. 
  • Change Control: Example templates in this category manage schedules to import or export Qlik Sense applications to and from file services like Amazon S3.
  • App to App Integration: Customer can build automation integrations across non-Qlik applications to perform tasks like syncing contacts from Salesforce to HubSpot or sending emails with attachments to Dropbox. 


 Get Started Tutorial here!


 Kick-Start Your Qlik Application Automations with Automation Templates

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